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Kitchen Backsplashes by Design our system creates and installs your Kitchen Backsplash Bling without the mess.

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How does the Kitchen Backsplashes by Design System work?

First, we measure and create a template of your kitchen backsplash area, so we know all the facts ahead of the design. Our patent-pending templating process takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. Possibilities are endless murals, tile inserts, horizontal to diagonal, or all the above options.

What benefits of our custom kitchen backsplash system?

  • Your kitchen area is fully operational during the design and cutting phase.
  • You won’t see the mess of a wet saw or hear one running outside.
  • Tile waste is minimum.
  • You get the best layout possible.
  • We know what your final design looks like way before the installation.
  • 100’s of cuts and design work is offsite.
  • Best of all, primarily one-day installation.

We know the kitchen is a busy area of your home. However, the last thing anyone wants is a tile setter in the kitchen for a week, making a mess, running wet saws outside, and guessing the final layout.

We design and cut your kitchen backsplash off-site so that you can enjoy your kitchen throughout the design process. Kitchen backsplashes are installed one piece at a time, like a jigsaw puzzle.

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